Donita Diamata




With more than twenty years of involvement in the Consumer/Survivor Movement, Donita Diamata is guided by values that have been influenced over the years through personal experiences as a mental health recipient and through her experiences working in the mental health system. From these experiences that have spanned from negative to positive, traumatic to uplifting, Donita has adopted an intuitive approach to how she offers support and how she develops programs.


Donita's work experience includes providing direct peer-support, start-up and management of peer-run programs, individual advocacy, and advocacy for change in the mental health system. After working officially in both peer-run organizations and in traditional mental health clinics and residential facilities, she continues to advocate for change that gives recipients options that work best for them. She strongly advocates for evolution in the system that eliminates traumatic experiences sometimes found in mental health services. Rather, her vision is one of services and supports that are holistic and enriching.

Jessica Carroll (Osage) MA-PMHCA, PWS

Lead Project Coordinator



Jessica Carroll (Osage) MA-PMHCA, PWS has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Portland State University and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the Graduate Center of Education and Counseling at Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon. Jessica came to the Peer Recovery Movement through her work at Lewis & Clark College. It is her hope to inform her work through the lens of lived experience and a strengths based self-directed approach. As an Enrolled Tribal Member of the Osage Nation, Jessica places an especially high value on Indigenous Knowledge and the unique perspective of Sovereign Nations.

Fawn Hakert PWS

Project Coordinator





Fawn has been involved in the behavioral health community in the Portland Metro area for over 10 years. Her experience being of service to humanity as a mental health advocate walking alongside people from diverse communities in the Child and Family world up through the older adult world has guided her journey towards pursuing her passion and purpose of empowering communities to provide Hope, Love, Respect and Dignity to people experiencing living with mental health challenges.  

Teána Edwards BA, PWS

Project Coordinator




Teána Edwards has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Health Care Studies with a highlight in Social and Criminal Justice, as well as an Associates of Arts Degree in Human Services. Teána brings her educational experience and lived experience to the Peer Movement. A lot of her experience is working with vulnerable populations with a specific connection to Black youth. Teána’s goal is to use her creativity and knowledge as a consumer, parent, youth and mental health advocate, and peer support specialist to influence change.