Employment & Disclosure: The Sharing Experience Learned Firsthand (SELF) Project with Beckie Child & Casadi "Khaki" Marino

December 11, 2014

Disclosure is one of the questions people always ask when considering employment. The Sharing Experience Learned Firsthand (SELF) project gained insight from peers in recovery about the role of lived experience of mental distress and challenges in training and service delivery. Individuals provided their experiences sharing personal history, views on risks and benefits of disclosure, suggestions for colleagues who were considering disclosure, and guidance for organizations wanting to support the effective use of self-disclosure in service provision. Interviews, focus groups, and survey data will be shared during the webinar as well as recommendations for future exploration. Project staff will briefly touch on the impact the project had on their own recovery journeys. 

Employment Over the Rainbow: Supporting LGBTQI Peers with their Employment Goals with Donita Diamata & Robyn Priest

September 17, 2014

This webinar is dedicated to discussing the barriers and challenges that LGBT peers face when seeking employment. To better understand these challenges, we will first discuss language and societal norms that often go overlooked or are misunderstood. We will also discuss other important factors, such as changing laws and attitudes, and their impact on LGBT peers as they pursue their employment goals. And we will attempt to compare laws and attitudes toward the LGBT community with the mental health peer community. This webinar will conclude with tips, tools, and resources that should be helpful for LGBT job-seekers and for those who provide support.