Reframing Recovery with Donita Diamata and Robyn Priest

December 16, 2015

Reframing Recovery challenges perceptions and ideals around mental health recovery, including how we, as a community, define it. Too often, our ability to recovery is questioned, challenged, and defined by others. With visuals, frank discussion, narratives, and thought-provoking statements, participants are challenged to reframe how they see recovery from mental health challenges. Reframing Recovery has been offered in several formats to a variety of audiences; including peers, peer support workers, mental health providers, and allies, all with generally high praises for its well-constructed content. In this first ever webinar format, we will discuss the concept of recovery in detail through story-sharing and interactive questions.

Peer Wellness Specialist Training: An Introduction with Robyn Priest, Jamie Becker, Tonya Thomas & Jo Anna Rios

August 20, 2015

Hear about Peerlink's Peer Wellness Specialist training from the perspective of trainers and participants! At Peerlink we believe that people practice wellness in a variety of ways every day. We want to enhance people's resiliency by providing new tools and strategies through providing culturally sensitive training, technical assistance and resource referrals. The Peer Wellness Specialist training includes topics such as: 

  • Self, others and self-determination
  • Health, social awareness and cultural knowledge
  • Traditional health care system and challenges for the peer wellness specialist
  • Health and wellness across the lifespan
  • Navigating the system
  • Recovery tools and wellness
  • Person-directed planning
  • Collaboration
  • Designer activities
  • Tying it all together 

Social Marketing & YOU with Martin Rafferty

July 30, 2015

Join Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon's very own Martin Rafferty and his dynamic Youth team to learn about the basics of social marketing and how it can benefit your organization, agency, and more! Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon works to unite and empower a diverse collective of young adults and assists them in creating personal, community, and system change. Martin believes that one of YMO's greatest strengths is the ability to give young people the skills and opportunities necessary for a successful transition into adulthood. He hopes that YMO puts young adults in a position to make an impact in the real world, whether that be as members of a committee, fundraisers, public speakers, artists, volunteers, etc.


Martin also currently sits on the national board of CAFETY (Community Alliance For the Ethical Treatment of Youth) and Reachout.com's youth board. In 2010,  Martin won the Mental Health Award of Excellence from AMJH and the OCHH Ma Curtis Award. Now, he continues to work towards improving services and systems that support positive young adult development. 

Youth & Young Adult Employment with Dr. Ryan Melton, Tia Barnes, Aaron Stansbury & Kathryn Sabella

April 30, 2015

Employment rates for young adults across the nation remain low, in fact these same young adults are three times more likely to struggle with depression due to unemployment. Our Young adults who already experience issues with mental health and/or addiction have even higher rates of unemployment. This webinar will explore several programs successfully serving young adults ages 16 – 26 in attaining and sustaining employment. System weary youth and young adults aren’t seeking traditional services and supports to assist them in their recovery. These programs are changing outcomes one young adult at a time!

This Webinar is the first in a series aimed at shedding light on both the challenges and solutions for transitional agedyouth/young adults.

Integration of Women's Health with Nanette V. Larson BA CRSS, Amy Pierce CPS,  Teena Brooks LMSW & Celia Brown 

March 26, 2015

In honor of Women's History month, this webinar is focused on women's health and specifically the discussion on the integration/non-integration of women's health and mental health. The webinar explores research and policy implications of integrating all of women's health. Speakers will also discuss their personal experiences with a range of health issues and then dream big on what a truly integrated system for women's health would look like. 

Poverty and Mental Health with AJ French, Chacku Mathai & Roslind Hayes

February 12, 2015

This webinar will focus on poverty and mental health. The speakers are well known in their field and will offer background on their personal and professional experiences as it relates to poverty and mental health. They will also discuss successful methods in supporting individuals and communities in relation to this issue.